What Can the Illinois Republican Party Do to Make a Comeback in the Wake of a Political Wipeout?

Chicago – In the wake of the 2018 election which saw the Democrats winning every statewide election, and picking up seats in both the Illinois House and Senate, Illinois Republicans have to rebuild. But based on what principles? The values of the conservatives, who were represented last March by Rep Jeanne Ives, or are the arguments of Republican moderates, who say conservatives can’t win statewide in Illinois?

And now that Bruce Rauner’s checkbook is closing, who will financially support the state Republicans in their effort to rebuild?

In this panel discussion from the City Club of Chicago, Radio host, Dan Proft, who is a former Republican candidate for Governor, is joined by former GOP Party Chairman, Pat Brady, and Chicago Tribune columnist Kristin McQueary, as they discuss… The Future of the Republican Party of Illinois.

Moderating the panel discussion is former Rep Tom Cross, who lead the Republicans in House for years, and is now on the IL State Board of Education.


  1. The Party has a Platform. Unite around that or stop calling yourself a Republican.
    The grassroots Republican leadership defines the party at every convention after debate about current issues. We did that at the last Convention. Brady and his ilk lost – again. But they don’t have the integrity to lead as Republicans, instead they lead with their ego. We have one and only one crisis in the Illinois Republican Party – ego driven individuals who think that their opinions are more important than the collective wisdom of the Party.