CAN-TV’s Forum with Illinois Attorney-General Candidates

From Chicago, October 5, 2018 – Organized by Reform for Illinois with coverage produced by CAN-TV, we re-air the Attorney-General forum featuring Republican Erika Harold and Democrat Sen Kwame Raoul.

The two candidates for attorney-general of Illinois respond to a series of question on the application of criminal law, opioids, marijuana, defending the state in civil suits, immigration, gun control, and questions from the audience.

Sen Raoul is a 12 year veteran of the Illinois Senate, who replaced Barack Obama, when he was elected to the US Senate.  He has long worked on reforms to criminal justice, and was instrumental in passing the law that did away with the death penalty in Illinois.

Erika Harold is a graduate of Harvard Law school and a former Miss America, 2003, who entered the pageant to earn enough scholarship money to help pay for her legal education.  She is a practicing attorney in the Champaign-Urbana area.