C-SPAN Visits Springfield As Part of Its 50 State Tour of Our Nation’s Capitals

SPRINGFIELD, September 18, 2018 – Every year the C-SPAN Network produces a major series on public affairs or history.  In 1994, C-SPAN reenacted the Lincoln-Douglas debates in the same Illinois communities where the debates were held in 1858.

This year, C-SPAN is bringing its bus to all 50 State Capitals.  The bus is a working TV studio, as well as a showcase of the network’s coverage of the US Congress, and a host of other public affairs and history offerings. While in Springfield for two days, the C-SPAN team plans to interview several leaders, including Rep Tim Butler, whose district includes the State Capital.

The bus will also pay a visit to Springfield High School, and offer tours of the bus to students and teachers.

C-SPAN Co-President, Rob Kennedy, a native son of Springfield, Illinois

This visit is particularly special, as the Co-President of C-SPAN, Rob Kennedy is also in Springfield with the bus, as Springfield is the town in which he was born and raised. Many of his family members continue to live in the Springfield area.