One-on-One with SIUE’s John Caupert, on Testing the Limits and Benefits of Ethanol Production

SIUE, Edwardsville – We hear from John Caupert, Executive Director, National Corn to Ethanol Research Center (NCERC), which works on Advancing Biorenewables Research.

Ethanol has been used for years to be added to gasoline that results in engines burning the fuel in such a way that it reduces the level of carbon in the air. But what advances are happening in the ethanhol sector of the agricultural economy?

As John Caupert tells us, the work and research being conducted by National Corn to Ethanol Research Center (NCERC), at SIUE, is the nation’s leading facility for testing and new research on producing ethanol – which is made mostly from corn, but can be produced from other materials.

And just how much ethanol can one expect to be produced from a bushel of corn? That too is the sort of specific information that results from the research at NCERC, which concentrates on best practices to determine what agricultural producers across the world can expect.