VP Pence on Forming the Space Force as the Sixth Branch of the Military

Pentagon August 9, 2018 — Vice President Mike Pence delivers remarks on the report to be released that calls for the formation of a sixth branch of the US Military, that will focus on threats emanating from other nations’ military assets in space, and the need for the US to protect its vital communications systems that are now dependent on satellite technology.

In his remarks, the Vice President notes the development of other branches of the military in the past as new technology changed the nature of warfare.  The US Air Force was formed following WWII, so that it could operate in its own sphere and set its own strategic goals.  During the World War and before, the Air Force had been a subset of the US Army, known as the Army Air Corps.

In that same manner, the VP said with emerging threats that can wipe out our strategic satellites and cripple the capabilities of the US Military that relies on GPS, and communications with forces in the field.

According to the VP, the Space Force would be formed as a branch of the military that is equal to the other 5 branches, by 2020.  The new branch would be formed by reorganizing some of the existing military personnel and assets into the new branch, just as the Air Force was evolved out of the US Army.