State Rep Nick Sauer (R-51st) Resigns in Wake of Sexual Allegations by Former Girlfriend

Rep Nick Sauer (R-51st)

August 1, 2018 – State Rep Nic Sauer submitted a letter of resignation today to the Illinois House of Representatives.   Sauer was serving in his first term, having been elected in 2016.

The resignation came after a former girlfriend accused Sauer of posting nude photos of her online, and then — according to these allegations — he acted as if he were her to then make graphic comments online.

The allegations were reported by POLITICO, and following these reports coming to light, House Republican Leader Jim Durkin and Gov Rauner said Rep Sauer should resign.

Early Wednesday afternoon, the Speaker’s Office released a copy of Rep Sauer’s resignation letter in which he notes that he will wish to focus on these allegations made against him and feels that he needs to be free of his public duties during this time.

Sauer represented the 51st House district in the Libertyville area and Barrington.