Chicago Pick’s Elon Musk’s Boring Company, to Create Underground Express Tunnel to O’Hare

Rendering of the electric vehicles to be used to transport people via an express tunnel

Chicago, June 14, 2018 – Mayor Rahm Emanuel welcomed Elon Musk to Chicago to announce a major project that is breath-taking in its scope and originality.  Musk – famous for developing his electric car company, Tesla, and for SpaceX, which reuses the rockets that bring supplies to the International Space Station – is now using his futuristic approach to solving Chicago’s traffic-jammed drives from downtown to O’Hare airport.

Musk’s design will create a tunnel into which electric cars will transport passengers from Block 37 in the Loop, to O’Hare with the entire trip taking no more than 12 minutes, which can now easily take 45 minutes. The vehicles will travel over 100 mph in the tunnel and carry up to 16 passengers.

At a press conference, Musk said he expects the drilling to begin this fall and take approximately three years to complete.

Musk’s firm was one of four that were competing for the project.