Rep Steven Anderson (R) on Illinois’ Historic Budget Battle of 2015 -2017

Springfield: As lawmakers in the legislature work to complete the FY 2019 budget, we go One-on-One with Republican Rep Steven Anderson, who shares what was going on in the legislature and within Republican ranks, as Illinois went nearly three years without a full year budget being passed — and only then — when legislators voted to override the governor’s veto.

We hear the growing pressure on lawmakers and the rift within Republican ranks that was taking place in the summer of 2017, as Illinois’ unpaid bills climbed over $16 Billion, its universities struggling to stay operating, its hospitals owed over $2 Billion, and no agreement being reached in budget talks in which the administration offered no “Plan B” to default.

Here we learn more about the historic standoff that nearly had Illinois become the first state in US history to be moved to Junk Bond status. And only at the last moment was the state spared, when 10 Republicans joined Democratic House members who voted to override the governor’s veto of the FY 2018 Budget.