Sen Karen McConnaughay (R) on the Legislature’s Flawed Sexual Abuse Ethics Reporting System

State Capitol: Sen Karen McConnaughay speaks with reporters about the way that the Legislative Ethics Commission controls what is investigated, and what is swept under the rug.

The Senator tells reporters how the legislative leaders are able to block investigations, in a system that operates in a manner unlike virtually any other state.

The issue of how topics of sexual abuse and political intimidation are handled came in response to a claim by Rep Kelly Cassidy (D) that she was a target of intimidation for her calling for an investigation into the lack of any credible review of sexual abuse claims that had piled up without any action being taken to address their merits.

Rep Cassidy claimed in a news report that she had been targeted for intimidation after she made public comments about the lack of real investigations into the claims of several women who said they had been sexually harassed.