Dan Proft and Pat Brady Square Off: The Future of the Republican Party in Illinois

City Club of Chicago – In a rather contentious forum hosted by former Illinois House minority leader Tom Cross, conservative radio show host Dan Proft and Pat Brady, the former Chairman of the Illinois Republican party, discuss the future of the Republican party in Illinois, in between trading a few jabs.

Dan Proft, a former gubernatorial candidate, who backed Rep Jeanne Ives (R) in the recent contest for the Republican nomination, argues the state will not recover with policies of the past or watered-down democratic policy positions.

Pat Brady, now a political consultant and former Chair of the Illinois Republican Party says the Conservative wing of the party is not representative of enough people in the state to win state-wide elections.

As we see in this debate, the divide of the Republican Party in Illinois between its Conservative and Moderate wings of the party remains as strong as it was before the March 20th primary.

And this, as Republicans seek to hold on to the Governor’s office and try to keep Democrats in the legislature from picking up veto-proof majorities.