In the Wake of Comments of Intimidation by Rep Kelly Cassidy (D) Speaker Madigan Calls for IG Investigation

State Capitol, May 22, 2018 — Speaker Madigan seeks Inspector General investigation of allegations of sexual harassment and intimidation made by Rep Kelly Cassidy (D) based on her comments in recent news reports 
Rep Kelly Cassidy (D)

Rep Cassidy worked part-time with the Cook County Sheriff’s Dept since January 2015, and said in press reports that Speaker Madigan’s Chief of Staff, Tim Mapes, called the Sheriff’s Department to inquire about her employment there, following Cassidy’s calling for an investigation into how the Speaker handled past accusations of sexual harassment.


In the press articles, Cassidy said she resigned from the part-time job with the Sheriff’s Department but felt she was a victim of intimidation tactics by the Speaker, and Rep Bob Rita (D), a Madigan ally, who had questioned Cassidy about how she could oppose a bill that was supported by the Cook County Sheriff’s Dept., “her boss”.

Speaker Madigan’s press office released a copy of the letter the Speaker sent to the Inspector General requesting an investigation, based upon the press comments of Rep Cassidy.