The Founder of Politico and Axios, Jim Vandehei, Addresses the Trump Agenda, Democrats, and Journalism in the 21st Century

Springfield – Jim Vandehei delivers the keynote address to the business day gathering of the Illinois Manufacturers Association and the Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA). Mr Vandehei is a co-founder of Politico, that now has some 600 employees covering national politics, leaders.

He is also the founder of Axios, which delivers a daily menu of the most important stories to follow across the political spectrum. In his address, he shares his vast political experience of covering Washington, and offers some frank observations on the performance of President Trump, the strategy of the Democratic Party leaders to remain opposed to the Trump agenda, and the changing role of media and political coverage in the digital era.

He shares his thoughts on whether much of media losing its audience by dumbing-down the news in the quest for quick clicks on social media, and what he sees as the direction of the role of journalism in the 21st Century.