Ives Releases New Campaign Ad, Saying She’ll “Lead the Charge” (for Change)

February 9, 2018 — Rep Jeanne Ives (R) continues her attack on Gov Rauner with a new ad released today, that both quickly covers who she is and why she’s opposing the governor.

Many around the state still are learning who Jeanne Ives is.  Now that Ives recently picked up a significant donation of $2 million from businessman Dick Uihlein, she has the funds to produce and air such commercials.

Though she will never be able to match the deep pockets of the governor, whose campaign is largely self-funded with tens of millions in campaign funds.  The governor made a fortune as an investor with others, who created and expanded businesses.  It’s estimated he’s worth close to a billion dollars.

In an effot to build name recognition before the March 20, primary election, Ives is looking to blanket the state with yard signs, and continues to work as much free media as she can to get her name and message out to the public.

Ives ad ends with her saying she’ll lead the charge [for change].  It’s set up is a poke at the Governor’s statement to the press a few weeks ago, when he said he was not in charge, but rather Speaker Madigan is in charge.  It’s a statement he now surely regrets making.