Court Challenge Heard in Sangamon County Seeking Injuction to Illinois’ Taxpayer Funded Abortion Law

photo courtesy of FOX 55, Springfield

SPRINGFIELD — Attorneys for the Thomas More Society argued in a Sangamon County Circuit Court on Thursday, seeking an injunction against Illinois abortion law, that was signed into law this past summer.  The law, known by its number HB-40, provides for taxpayer funded abortions, and for the use of state workers’ health insurance coverage to provide for funding of abortions.

Gov Rauner signed the bill into law, against the wishes of many in the Republican Party, and the signing of the abortion funding bill, was one of the primary reasons Rep Jeanne Ives (R), is running against the governor, in his bid for re-election.

Rep Peter Breen (R) argues for an injunction against a bill that would allow for taxpayer funded abortions in Illinois. Photo courtesy of FOX 55, Springfield

Further evidence that the Republican party was severely split over the Governor’s signing HB-40, was seen in court, when Rep Peter Breen (R) argued before the court, in favor of applying an injunction against the law taking effect.

Rep Breen argued in part, that the state of Illinois is facing severe financial crisis, and that this is financially irresponsible to enact a law that would, in effect, be an entitlement which would require the spending of an unknown number of dollars, as it would be impossible to know ahead of time how many abortions would be sought by those covered by the law.

Should the Circuit Court allow the law to take effect, it would make Illinois the only state in the nation to provide for taxpayer funds to go to paying for abortion services.  The Thomas More Society, which brought the suit, has already said publicly that should they lose the challenge at the Circuit level, they would be prepared to appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court, and to the US Supreme Court, if that were required.

At the federal level, roughly 30 yeas ago, the late US Congressman from Illinois, Henry Hyde (R), passed “The Hyde Amendment” which prohibits the use of federal tax dollars to go toward the paying of abortions.   Some conservatives have long argued that taxpayer funds going toward Planned Parenthood, violates the Hyde Amendment.  But it continues to receive taxpayer funds, despite its providing abortion services, as Planned Parenthood argues none of the taxpayer funds go toward directly paying for abortion services.