At Hearing on Mandating Sexual Harrassment Training, a Senator is Accused of Sexual Harrassment

Denise Rotheimer, the founder of a group called "Mothers on a Mission to Stop Violence" is a candidate for the Illinois House, who accused a Democratic State Senator of Sexual Harrasmet

Chicago, October 31, 2017 –  As Speaker Madigan sat by having just delivered testimony on a blll, SB-402, that would mandate training against sexual harrassment for lawmakers, lobbyists and staff, at both the Capitol, and in municipal government around the state, a part-time lobbyist delivered stunning testimony, in which she accused a state senator of sexually harrassing her.

Denise Rotheimer, who testified she became involved in passing laws against sexual harrassment after her daughter was raped at 11, told a legislative committee her efforts a new law this past April, resulted in her being sexually harrassed by State Sen. Ira Silverstein, D-Chicago, after he took control of her bill.

As a result of his alleged harassment, Rotheimer said she suffered incredible stress, losing 20 pounds, and having her hair begin to fall out.

After her testimony, Sen Silverstein (D) said he wasn’t guilty of trying to harass Denise Rotheimer, but that he would be willing to apologize to her, if she felt “uncomfortable” by anything he had done.

Rotheimer, is the founder of a group called “Mothers on a Mission to Stop Violence” is a former Democrat, who is now seeking election to the Illinois House as a Republican.