One-on-One with Rep Jeanne Ives (R) on Her Potential Run for Governor

From Springfield: Following Gov Rauner’s signing HB-40 into law, which provides for the public funding of abortions, many in the Republican Party have disowned Republican Gov Bruce Rauner.

As they look for an alternative, many approached Rep Jeanne Ives, as a “true conservative” who is a better choice to represent the Republican Party in 2018’s gubernatorial election.

With much interest in her potential run for governor, we sat down to hear where she is in the decision making process of whether to run, and how she would approach the state’s many challenges, if elected.

Rep Ives was first elected to the Illinois House in 2012.  Rep Ives (R-Wheaton) is a graduate of West Point Military Academy with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Following graduation from West Point, she served as a veteran officer in the United States Army where she served as a platoon leader and headquarters detachment commander for transportation units in Germany and a ROTC instructor at Wheaton College.