Speaker Madigan Fires Back at Governor’s Attack Against Him in Campaign Ad

State Capitol:  House Speaker Michael Madigan, who is the whipping boy for Gov Rauner’s argument as to why Illinois remains mired in an economy that is producing too few jobs, today released a statement, that shot back at the governor’s attacks included in a reelection campaign video released on Monday.

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In his statement, Speaker Madigan said, “Illinois’ balanced budget is a bipartisan compromise between Republicans and Democrats who worked together to move beyond the governor’s political games and end his 732-day budget crisis.

Rauner’s crisis created billions of dollars in unpaid bills, pushed Illinois to the edge of junk bond status, and shuttered social service providers throughout the state. Even now, after a bipartisan group of lawmakers agreed to make the tough decisions the governor was unwilling to make, Governor Rauner would still rather play political games than work cooperatively to repair the damage he has done.

“The governor’s ad highlights his own failure to lead, and fully embraces the race to the bottom being led by his role models from states where middle-class wages are a fraction of what they are in Illinois. It’s deeply disappointing that Governor Rauner would rather work with right-wing governors from other states than with legislators seeking bipartisan compromise right here in Illinois. But his actions ultimately reaffirm our resolve in the Legislature to continue our work in a bipartisan way without the governor’s involvement – just as we have for many months now.”