IL Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (D) Offers a Differ Direction for Democrats

Please Note: the audio of the opening script is missing. Rep Bustos’ comments start at 27 seconds into the piece.  We apologize for the technical error

From the City Club of Chicago: US Rep Cheri Bustos, who is one of only 12 Democrats to be re-elected to the US House from a district that was carried by President Trump, takes a hard look at the direction of the Democratic Party over the last 8 years, and sees a party that’s losing connection with the voters, and losing their legislative seats as well.

Rep Bustos, who is now in her third term, shares what she hears from constituents, the members of the middle-class, and shares what they’re world is about, and how Democrats need to return to addressing the needs of the working class.

A member of the Agriculture Committee and Transportation Cmte, she also shares her view on the great need to rebuild America’s infrastructure, and where Democrats can work with President Trump.