Campaign 2018 Bits n Pieces in the Race for Attorney-General

House Republican Leader, Rep Jim Durkin

September 21, 2017 —  The race for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General continues to gain candidates, to the extent the Rep Jim Durkin told the City Club of Chicago, that  – in effect — any Democrat that could fog up a mirror was running for AG.

During that address at the City Club on Tuesday, Rep Durkin endorsed Attorney Erika Harold, from Urbana, to be the Republican candidate for Attorney General.

Erika Harold, a Harvard Law grad, is seeking the Republican nomination for Atty-General

Harold, who twice ran for the 13th congressional seat, is a graduate from the U of I, and holds a law degree from Harvard.

Her website notes that when she was selected to attend Harvard Law, she couldn’t afford the tuition.  So to overcome the high tuition costs, she ran for Miss America, to possibly win the tuition which is part of the title.  In fact she won the competition, and served as Miss America back in 2003.

Here is her Bio video from her website

Sen Kwame Raoul (D), got himself into a bit of hot water recently, when he referred to Harold dismissively in a comment as “Miss America.”  He was quick to apologized for the remark.

Raoul, was also quick to enter the race for Attorney General following the announcement by Lisa Madigan that she was not seeking re-election.  Raoul had considered running for AG in years past when it was thought AG Madigan would be running for Governor.

Raoul first joined the Senate, after Barack Obama was elected to the US Senate in 2004.  For the first year or so, his title seemed to be “the man who replaced Barack Obama in the Illinois Senate.”   But over the years, Sen Raoul has carried quite a number of major bills that focused on changes to the state’s administration of justice.

Raoul was highly involved in the effort to get rid of the Death Penalty in Illinois.  And more recently, he’s served on Gov Rauner’s Criminal Justice Reform panel, that is looking to lower the prison population and make it easier for parolees to transition back into the work force.

On Wednesday, he released a campaign ad that ran on YouTube, and garnered nearly 1000 plays in the first 24 hours.

Also this week, Rep Scott Drury (D), the only member of the Democratic House caucus to vote against Speaker Madigan for Speaker, abandoned his run for Governor, and announced he would be now running for AG.

Other Democrats said to be considering a run for the AG nomination, are Rep Elaine Nekritz, who previously announced she would not seek another House term.  Sen Mike Hastings, is said to be looking at a run for AG, and possibly former State Rep Jack Franks, who now serves as McHenry County Chairman.

And there’s Park District Board President Jesse Ruiz and former Chicago mayoral candidate Gery Chico.

In such a competition, where the vote is likely to be spread across 3-4 strong candidates, the nominee could potentially be selected with a small segment of the overall vote.

Democrats have held the Attorney-General’s office, since Lisa Madigan was first elected to the post in 2002.