Rep Barbara Flynn Currie (D) Will Not Seek Re-Election in 2018

Rep Barbara Flynn Currie (D) from a 2015 interview

Chicago –– Rich Miller of CapitolFax reports Rep Barbara Flynn Currie, who was first elected to the Illinois House of Representatives in 1978, and became the first female to be a Majority Leader in 1997, is reportedly not going to run again in 2018.

As we’ve reported on this page a number of times, the angst in the General Assembly is real and causing many to feel it’s not worth staying in office, given the extreme political competition between the Governor and Speaker Madigan.

But in Rep Currie’s case, one can believe, after what will be 40 years in office, should she hold on to her seat through the end of this current term, that she may just wish to have time to do other things.

But Currie is not just any lawmaker — she often was the floor manager of major legislation, while the Speaker was off the floor.    That’s not to say she can’t be replaced — we all can be — but her longevity, her legislative record and her place in history as the first woman to serve as Majority Leader, is worth noting