Speaker Madigan: “We are Not Going to Walk Away from SB-1” Plans Override Vote on Aug 23rd

House Speaker Michael Madigan

State Capitol:  While Gov Rauner and the Republicans were gathered at the State Fair for Governor’s Day, and denouncing Speaker Madigan’s control of the House, the Speaker held a press conference to inform the press of his opinion that “Gov Rauner should not have vetoed education funding reform.”

Speaker Madigan said the governor was wrong to claim SB-1, was a bailout for Chicago Public Schools because, “there are 267 school districts in the state that get more money per pupil than Chicago does. Of those, 164 are represented by Republicans in the General Assembly”

The Speaker noted the Governor made changes to SB-1, yet “not one Republican in the House supports the Governor’s changes”

Speaker Madigan says he doubts Gov Rauner would ever come to an agreement on education funding reform, and compared his stance on education to the Gov’s opposition on forging a budget.

Madigan said he offered a compromise to House Republican Leader, Jim Durkin, but the Governor rejected that compromise offer.

In light of the Governor’s rejection of that compromise offer, Speaker Madigan said he is scheduling an override vote of the Gov’s Veto on Wednesday, Aug 23rd.

A number of observers say there’s a real question at this time, as to whether there are enough votes to override the Governor’s veto of the bill, which requires 71 votes in the House.

On Sunday, August 13, the Illinois Senate passed SB-3163, which has the exact same language as does SB-1.  The Speaker said, that if the House would fail to override the Governor’s veto of SB-1, the House would then look to pass SB-3163, which would then go to the Governor for his signature.  And then, the Governor could issues the exact same Amendatory Veto he issued on SB-1.

The Speaker told the press that SB-1 is the result of years of work, that is supported by a host of educational advocacy groups.  He added, “We are prepared to come to an agreement with the Governor.  I question whether he is prepared to come to an agreement with us.”