Speaker Madigan: We Had a Good Leaders Meeting

Speaker Madigan

State Capitol:  Speaker Madigan briefed the press Thursday afternoon, by saying the leaders meeting had been very good, and that there was still time to get a budget passed by midnight on Friday, just before the start of the new fiscal year on Saturday.

On Property tax caps, the Speaker said Legislative Leaders were looking at the House bill that was considered on Wednesday, which failed to pass — but with changes to be made on it.

On govt consolidation, Democratic leaders thought the bill on the Gov’s desk was sufficient.

The Speaker when asked if a budget can get done by midnight on Friday said, “Oh sure. As long as everyone is reasonable.   This should have been done a year ago.”

The Speaker said everyone is desirable to get the state back in the financial shape it needs to be in.

The Speaker repeated his statement from earlier in the week, that Gov should sign SB-1, on Education funding.  The Gov should sign a bill on transparency on the purchase of care process, which the Speaker said is being done behind closed doors. And the Governor should sign a bill that regulates the rates charged by insurance firms on Workers Compensation.

When asked if he was the cause of a budget delay, Speaker Madigan told reporters he’s move a lot toward a compromise and is ready to vote on a series of issues that he doesn’t believe in, but will do so “in the spirit of compromise.”