Illinois Senate Debate on the “Grand Bargain” Legislative Package

From the Senate Chamber: Day two of the Illinois Senate’s debate and voting on some of the 16 bills that are part of the legislative package known as the “Grand Bargain.”

This is a portion of the debate, and showcases Senate members efforts to pass a number of the bills, that would both raise funds, (as with a bill to expand the number of casino boats in the state) make changes to the state’s pension system by offering a “Tier Three” option, and encouraging some state workers to leave the “Tier One” pension plan, that is the most costly to the state.

After a number of bills are voted down, Senate President John Cullerton (D) puts an end to the process. In a later press conference, [on our website at ] President Cullerton told reporters there was no point in bringing more bills to the Senate floor, for them to be voted down.

In this debate, we hear some Republican senators voice their opposition to the bills. Democrat members later blamed Gov Rauner for making calls to the Republican members and asking them to vote against the bills, even though they were supported by Republican Leader, Christine Radogno.