The Need to Manage Your Health and Fitness Needs After the Age of 40

From Springfield: We talk to Dr Nicole Florence [an Illinois Channel Board Member] and Dr David Sandercock of Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, about what those at 40 and older can do to improve their health and nutrition.

As the doctors mention, as we age, our metabolism slows down.  Without changes in diet or level of activity, our weight can slowly grow year by year.  This additional weight can lead to a variety of medical issues, from high blood pressure to diabetes.

Many health experts say ensuring you are eating healthy is critical.  That doesn’t mean one has to only eat “rabbit food” but to train yourself to not over eat, to cut out junk food, and to avoid drinking your calories, by consuming liquids high in sugars.

Eating lean protein, helps you to avoid that feeling of being hungry, and provides the body with the nutrients it needs to power your body.  One example of this, is a chicken breast with no skin.

When a healthy diet, with portion control, is combined with a routine of light exercise, like walking, or taking the stairs instead of an elevator, our decades after 40 can be healthy and nearly as active as in our younger years.

With the rising cost of healthcare being one of the cost drivers in the state budget, controlling your weight gain can not only help you stay in shape, but help you avoid costly medical treatments.