Sunday, April 30, 2017

From Atlanta: President Trump Gives Remarks at the National Rifle Association Leadership Forum

Atlanta:  President Trump becomes the first President since Ronald Reagan to address the National Rifle Association annual meeting.  The NRA was early to endorse the president, when he was a candidate last year.

Restaurant Assn CEO, Sam Toia, on Legislation Impacting IL Restaurants

From the State Capitol:  Sam Toia tells us about what bills the Illinois Restaurant Assn, is supporting and opposed to, and why.  He also shares his thoughts on the economic impact of Illinois' restaurant...



Senate President John Cullerton(D), on State Spending and Political Stalemate

From Elmhurst College:  Senate President John Cullerton gives an address that covers current state spending...

State Treasurer Mike Frerichs (D) on Initiatives and Policy Proposals

From the City Club of Chicago:  State Treasurer Mike Frerichs talks about the stalled state...

Political Observer Abdul-Hakim Shabazz on Vice President Mike Pence’s Political Background and Why Indiana Government Succeeds

From Indianapolis:  We talk with commentator, publisher and attorney, Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, who previously worked in...

Sen Jason Barickman (R) Offers a Evidence-Based School Funding Formula & One to Cut School Mandates

From the State Capitol:  Sen Jason Barickman talks about two bills he'll introduce that will...

Retail Merchants Try to Stop the Effort to Raise Felony Level on Retail Theft

From Springfield:  Rob Karr of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, explains the problems already faced...

Efforts to Outlaw Forced Removal of Airline Passengers

From Washington:  Marianna Brady reports from Reagan International airport, on the impact the forced removal...

The Potential for a Coming US Government Shutdown

From Washington DC:  We talk with reporter David Jordan of the Medill School of Journalism,...

Lt Gov Evelyn Sanguinetti Highlights a Program that Shows Success in Raising High School Graduation Rates

From Rockford -- The Lt Governor speaks of a program that has been helpful in...

Thursday’s White House Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer

From the White House: Sean Spicer give a briefing on the day's events.


Mark Rhoads, Author of “Land of Lincoln:Thy Wondrous Story”

From the Pasfield House in Springfield: We talk with former Illinois State Senator Mark Rhoads about his book, "Land of Lincoln: Thy Wondrous Story"...