Sunday, February 19, 2017

From 2005: Bob Michel Talks of his Career in Congress, Governing, Patriotism

On February 17, 2017, former Rep Bob Michel (R) passed away at the age of 93.  Mr Michel was a leader of the Republicans in the House, and spent his entire 38 years in...

Cook Co Sheriff Tom Dart, on the Urgency Needed on Criminal Justice Reform

From the Union League Club of Chicago:  Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, shares some of the stories of prisoners, the level of mental health issues that exist among the incarcerated, and the dire need...



Gov Rauner Takes Questions on “Ask the Governor”

From WBEZ Chicago:  Gov Bruce Rauner goes on the air and takes questions from WBEZ...

Rally for Passing a Budget and Funding Higher Education in Illinois

From the State Capitol:  Leaders in Higher Education, and lawmakers speak to a gathering in...

Rep Chris Welch (D) on Setting Policies that Limit Immigration Searches

From the Capitol:  Rep Chris Welch talks of his bill to make Illinois a more...

President Trump and Japanese PM Abe Press Conference

From the White House: The President and Japanese Prime Minister discuss trade and investments, and...

Chris Kennedy Announces He’s Running for Governor in 2018

As has been speculated on for months, Chis Kennedy, is officially announcing he is running...

Oral Arguments in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, on the President’s Moratorium on Middle-East Immigration

LIVE AUDIO STREAM of the Oral Arguments in the 9th District Court of Appeals, on...

Senate President John Cullerton (D) on a Budget “Grand Bargain”

From the City Club of Chicago: Sen John Cullerton talks about the legislative package he's...

State Treasurer Mike Frerichs, on Savings Accts for the Disabled

From Chicago: State Treasurer Mike Frerichs, talks about the ABLE accounts, and how those who...

Sec of State Jesse White, on Allowing Teenagers to be Transplant Donors

From Chicago:  Sec of State Jesse White, is joined by transplant recipients, and parents who...


Historian Mark DePue: Preserving Illinois’ Oral History

From the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library:  We talk with historian and fmr military officer, Mark DePue on his work of conducting indepth oral history...